Smooth self-leveling tamper

Perfect your workflow

  • Satisfying Operation

    The flexure mechanism produces a constant level tamping motion with a simple press. No unpleasant rubbing or binding between parts creates a surprising and satisfying user feel that brings joy and consistency to your puck prep.

  • No Depth Adjustments

    Tamp at any depth between 4 mm - 14 mm below the basket rim.

    There is no depth setting. Use new beans or change your grind setting without adjusting your tamper.

  • No Springs

    There is no perfect tamping force.

    Spring-based tampers usually set a minimum force threshold. Still, you can always tamp harder after the spring is fully compressed. The effective tamping force is less consistent than you might think.

    Springs rub, bind, wear and generally don't feel great.

  • Ergonomic and Simple

    There's no special technique to use this tamper. Use however you feel comfortable and feel direct force feedback. Espresso is hard enough, and now you don't have to overthink tamping.

    Apply force until you feel puck compression stop. Don't tamp too hard. It causes wrist strain and serious injury over time.

  • Tight-fitting base

    The 58.5 mm flat base compresses the puck edges to prevent channeling near the wall of precision baskets. We tested with a VST basket.

    The tapered perimeter and mechanism motion prevent suction that dislodges the puck.

  • Materials

    Durable and built to last. Its made from high-quality anodized aluminum and stainless steel parts. 

  • Tested

    We ran the Normal Dose tamper through an automated test of 100,000 cycles. The flexures are still in good condition and ready to make daily espresso.

Watch Brian Quan's Normal Dose tamper review on YouTube.

  • 1. Dose

    - Add the appropriate weight of ground coffee to your precision basket.

    - VST makes great baskets with the recommended dose marked on the side.

    VST baskets 
  • 2. Distribute

    - Use WDT to break up clumps and evenly distribute the grounds before tamping.

    - The People's WDT tool developed by the Espresso Aficionados discord server is a great option.

    The People's WDT 
  • 3. Tamp level

    - Use the Normal Dose tamper to tamp level every time.

    - Press until the puck stops compressing. Don't go harder than you need to.

    - Water flows evenly through the puck.

    - Enjoy your tasty espresso!