Perfect Tamp. Every Time.

Self-leveling. Simple. smooth.

  • Friction-free flexures

    A unique flexure mechanism produces a smooth tamping motion that is always level with just a press.

  • Skip the Setup

    Tamp at any depth between 4 mm - 14 mm below the basket rim.

    No depth setting - switch-up your beans or adjust your grind without needing to tweak your tamper.

  • Spring-Free

    Forget the idea of the perfect tamping force.

    Feel the tactile feedback of the force you apply so you know when compression stops.

  • Snug Fit

    A 58.5 mm flat base for edge compression.

    The tapered base perimeter prevents pesky puck suction.

  • Durable

    Quality anodized aluminum and stainless steel parts. Tested for over 100,000 cycles and still functional.

Watch Brian Quan's review on YouTube.

  • 1. Dose

    - Add the appropriate weight of ground coffee to your precision basket.

    - Baskets usually have the recommended dose marked on the side.

  • 2. Distribute

    - Use WDT to break up clumps and evenly distribute the grounds before tamping.

  • 3. Tamp level

    - Use the Normal Dose tamper to tamp level every time.

    - Press until the puck stops compressing. Don't go harder than you need to.

    - Water flows evenly through the puck.

    - Enjoy your tasty espresso!